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As a Craigslist user, you’re likely a savvy consumer with limited time seeking the best self-storage values in and around Colleyville, Grapevine and Southlake.  You can read about some of our features below, browse our new website or simply request a free self-storage estimate by clicking HERE!

Thank you for visiting the new Macho Storage Self Storage website.  Macho Storage in Colleyville has been serving Colleyville, Grapevine and Southlake area residents and businesses for nearly 20 years, and anticipates offering customers enough great benefits and specials to serve Colleyville area customers for many years to come!  Some of our features are listed below:

Free Lock With Move-In:  Allows our customers to avoid the hassle and expense of purchasing some overpriced lock at another facility.  You keep the keys, and when you move out, you keep the lock!

Free Truck Rental With Move-In:  Every new move-in is eligible to request the use of our free moving truck when they move-in.  You won’t need to borrow a pick-up truck or rent a trailer – just pick up the truck from Macho Storage!*

Half-Off Your First Months’ Rent:  If we’ve got the size you’re looking for, you are eligible for a full half-off your first months’ rent.  No tricks here – just half-off your rental rate when you move-in.

No Administrative Fees:  Some storage facilities will quote you one price and then tack on an ‘administrative’ fee when you’re ready to pay.  We don’t play that way – if we quote you a price - that is the price you pay.

No Deposits:  Another dirty little trick employed by some storage facilities is the ‘deposit,’ another junk charge to siphon away your hard-earned dollars.  Not happening at Macho Storage.  We’ll never charge you a deposit when you rent a self-storage unit from us.

Insurance Optional:  Some storage facilities make a nice chunk of change (yours, of course) by forcing you to insure your stored goods, regardless of value.  Grafting your cash just ain’t our gig – if you do need insurance, we have some options available for you, but we won't force you to purchase some over-priced insurance policy from us.

No Hidden Charges:  Some storage facilities give other storage facilities a bad name by hitting their customers with weird fees, overpriced locks or expensive truck rental charges.  We know there are some shady operators out there, and we want you to know we’re different.  When you move in, we’ll never hit you with some crazy fee you’ve never heard about.

Commitment to Security:  Some attorney out there apparently sued a storage facility for saying the word ‘secure,’ so we can’t say it anymore.  We can say:  1) Access to each Macho Storage facility is granted via a coded access gate – each customer has a unique code.  2) Each of our facilities is lit up like a football field at night.  3) Surveillance cameras are monitored and recorded to help monitor the storage facility.  4) Many of our managers live on-site, to help oversee the properties after regular business hours.

Members of the Texas Self Storage Association:  All Macho Storage facilities are proud and active members of the Texas Self Storage Association, the largest state self storage association in the country.  Everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

We have many different unit sizes, so feel free to call us to check availability – our number is 866-292-0852.  We also offer different specials from time to time, so be sure to ask our managers about them.  Oh, and when you call, you’ll notice actual Macho Storage managers answer the phone – not some call center in South Dakota.  We hope to earn your business, and feel free to browse our site to learn more about us.


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*Some reasonable restrictions apply to the free truck rental offer.  Please ask our managers for details.

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Macho Self Storage Helpful Storage Tip #9:

Freestanding shelving can save space in your unit. If you have many small items or boxes you are planning on storing, the use of shelves can maximize your rental space which saves money for you.

Visit Macho Self Storage's Storage Tips page for more helpful hints!